Fiblast manufactures Architectural Fiberglass products for the construction industry. We have a large selection of Molds. Fiblast has unique mold forming capabilities that translate into quick and custom made design. 

Fiblast specializes in the design and fabrication of architectural products using state of the art composite technologies.With multiple product lines available, in addition to limited design restraints, Fiblast is able to custom manufacture architectural elements to fit any Project’s requirements.

Whether it is New Construction or a Renovation that requires matching pre-existing architectural details, Fiblast can provide truly stunning products that can make any building stand out.We ship to all 50 states, Caribbean, Canada etc.

To Serve Construction Industry for better is our goal we work hard to maintain standards and provide our services in a very competitive price. We manufacture wide range of architectural fiberglass elements including Column Covers, Cornices, Cupolas, Domes, Finials, Balustrade Systems, Spanrel Panels, Crests/Seals, Niches and many other products.